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In the mid-22nd century mankind first found

evidence of extra-terrestrial life. Instead of flying

saucers landing on Earth or greetings by distant

radio signals, we detected thermonuclear explosions

in the constellation Aries. Someone must have

fought a war near Teegarden’s Star twelve years


At the time Earth’s richest nations had sent a handful

of unmanned probes to other stars, but the entire

human race had never banded together to

accomplish anything. Then the threat of interstellar

war brought out the finest in us. Soon scientific

breakthroughs came every day, and engineers were

designing starships, terraforming planets, and

building outposts in deep space. Even as we spread

to the stars, our politicians devised schemes to gain

allies. Thus the United Space Faring Planets was

born. This united mankind in a single, benevolent

government that was open to other races.

The scheme found some success. As we spread

across the cosmos we made contact with a few

intelligent races which joined us, but they ranged

from stone aged amphibians to meditative balloons

floating in a warm gas giant. They were eager to

learn, but had no space fleets of their own.

Then in 2175 the human colony at New Lhasa

received an ultrawave message from a race who

called themselves Kraliens. The Kraliens claimed to

own New Lhasa – later they claimed to own all

planets everywhere – and demanded that the

colonists pay rent. When a Kralien fleet appeared to

collect that rent an Earth space ship was waiting.

Within an hour we were at war.

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