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Mika  Nichole

I'm an actress, model, director, writer, dancer,

cosplayer, professional

goofball, and lover of all things nerdy. I have been


striving to recreate my favorite characters since 2006.

I aspire to push

my crafting and performance skills with each new

creation to bring

these beloved characters to life with my art. I am

fiercely proud to be

a nerd and hope to show others that they should be


I grew up horribly shy and was dragged kicking and

screaming to my

first acting class. I fell in love and realized it was

time to overcome my

fears and chase my passions. I love dance and stage

combat (or really

any excuse to perform with other like-mided nerds)

and adore meeting

fellow cosplayers. I love this community and feel so

blessed to have

this life. <3

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