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Brian Steward

Brian Steward is an artist, writer, filmmaker, actor

and radio host from Texas.

He is a feature writer and artist for Fangoria and

Fangoria’s recently resurrected sister publication,

GoreZone, as a centerfold and cover artist, and a

columnist for Delirium magazine.  The current issue

of Delirium features Brian's Gene Simmons (KISS)

cover painting  & feature interview with Simmons as

well as his continuing column.  Brian is also a

contributer to shocktillyoudrop.com.

Every Tuesday night at 8 p.m. (central) on

horrorradionetwork.com, he hosts his own live radio

show, "A Bunch of B.S. with Brian Steward".  Every

week Brian welcomes guests from the fields of film,

music and art.  Past guests include cast members of

AMC's The Walking Dead, Friday The 13th, Dawn

Of The Dead, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, as well

as members of the bands KISS, Danzig, Type O

Negative, The Misfits and Ratt. (The show is on

currently hiatus due to travel and conventions for

the summer)

In the past, his work has been seen in Playboy

Magazine, Pro Wrestling Illustrated, on "LIVE! with

Regis and Kelly" and in numerous comics, video

games and magazines.  Additionally, he has worked

with Brian Yuzna to create some new official,

licensed Re-Animator art as well as other projects for

Re-Animator Productions, Inc.  At Heavy Metal

Magazine, he has worked as lead book designer and

contributing illustrator.  He cites one of his favorite

jobs as working with Malibu Bay Films' late great

Andy Sidaris and his wife, producer Arlene Sidaris. 

Brian was heavily involved in the DVD release of all

12 of their films, as well as co-writing, inking and

coloring a series tie-in comic book with Andy.

Currently, Brian is in pre-production on his own

film, Elephant Man of War with Laurence Harvey

(The Human Centipede 1&2), Theo Crane (AMC's

The Walking Dead) and producer, Arlene Sidaris.

Brian also has a feature role in the upcoming horror

film, Bite School acting alongside Butch Patrick

(Eddie - The Munsters) and John Dugan (Grandpa -

Texas Chainsaw Massacre).

Because all of this isn't enough, Brian is also a

professional photographer specializing in concert

photography.  Some of his most notable subjects are

the band KISS and former guitarist & founding

member of KISS, Ace Frehley.

Fun Fact:  Brian was an ordained minister for less

than 24 hours!


Brian Steward



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